Costumes & Recital Fees

All costumes must be paid in full by a specified date at the beginning of December (see calandar) to ensure delivery for recital. Any costume not paid by due date will be subject to late fees and will not be ordered until it is paid in full. There is no guarantee late costume orders will arrive in time for  recital. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Costume money is due the first week of December. This year, we're asking that your payment be submitted on or before Monday, December 11th.

2023-2024 Costume Pricing:
Tiny Dancer and Combo classes $75.00
All other classes: $ 95.00 per costume

Ticket Orders
When making your March tuition payment, you or your dancer will draw a lottery ticket. All ticket orders with payment must be handed in by Thursday, May 2nd.  Please note on your ticket order for what show you'd like your tickets, A or B.  We will pull the recital tickets by your lottery ticket number.  Ticket orders not handed in by the deadline will not be pulled until after all other orders have been pulled, regardless of your lottery number. Seats will be assigned (best available) according to the lottery numbers.  If you have requests (special needs, handicap seating, etc.), please note them on the ticket envelope provided in your payment booklet.  We do our best to accommodate your requests.  Tickets will be distributed at the end of May when all account balances are paid in full.